No lights on here

For Halloween, I had planned on coming home after a long day at work and passing out candy to little kids that visited my house. After fighting traffic and sore feet, I decided not to. My neighborhood was packed with children, but luckily not around my house and my neighbors. When I got home, my dad informed me that the little old lady down on the next block had shut her gate, the bars on her windows and front door. She was safe and sound. That didn’t sit very well with us so we quickly turned off the front porch light and locked our front door. The big bowl of candy was all for us! I even carved a pumpkin. I liked my pumpkin so much I even brought it to a professional photographer for a photo shoot. What do you think?

Trick or treating isn’t what it used to be. It’s morphed from a fun family holiday to a scary and dangerous holiday. Parents have to worry about their children getting poisoned or drugged from people’s candy or even ran over in the streets. I remember trick or treating a couple times. I wasn’t able to do it a lot when I was young for “religious” reasons (according to my mom), but the couple times I did do it were fun. I remember dressing up as an angel and Cleopatra. It was safer back then. Now the world has turned into a VERY dangerous place. Of course it was dangerous back then too, but not as much. It seems danger lurks around every corner now.

Besides that, my Halloween was pretty uneventful. My work day was VERY long and boring because everyone was at home getting ready for the parties they would be attending. For work, I didn’t dress up as anything but I did wear my cute headband, spooky necklace, and fall scarf. I even tried out my new and amazing red lipstick. I don’t know how I lived without it for 22 years.

That’s the spirit!

So I found some celebrities dressed up for Halloween. I picked out my favorite and my least favorite. Here’s where some more fun pics are if you wanna check ’em out!

Favorite- Fergie and husband Josh Duhamel as Angelyne and Dennis Woodruff

Least Favorite- Chris Brown (middle) as a terrorist

There are way too many reasons why this costume is not okay. Even if it’s just pretend. It’s not funny at all! Just like Chris Brown’s new tattoo of the battered woman.

But anyways, I hope everyone had a great and SAFE Halloween!


p.s.- I didn’t carve that pumpkin ๐Ÿ˜‰


4 thoughts on “No lights on here

  1. I was going to say: If you carved that pumpkin….haha. BTW, Halloween has always been a dangerous night. I remember in the late 60’s, a friend of mine had to go to the hospital because someone had put tiny needles into candy. Some kids were abducted. This was in Elizabeth, New Jersey, 1969. Each year after, I remember school warning us about Halloween and evil people that tried to kill kids. So…the only thing changed is technology spewing forth news quickly and abundantly. Nice post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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