I didn’t rule high school


I’m noticing a trend (with the kids I graduated with and in the media). People who were “it” in high school were just that. “It” in HIGH SCHOOL. That’s where they were at their prime. Mostly.

I look at my high school class and think back to all of the popular kids. Not many are in college right now. Most are married with kids. Some are just being- working a minimum wage job in a mediocre life. So all of the time they spent making fun of somebody or sleeping around didn’t get them anywhere. It might have gotten them an STD, but that’s about it.

I guess they put all of their effort into those 4 grueling years either by spending way too much time picking out that perfect outfit everyday, practicing whatever sport they thought they were exceptional at, or spending too much time dating and/or “chillin’ ” to actually study; therefore, not making good enough grades to get into a college. It doesn’t matter now though. What’s done is done!

*It sounds like I’m stereotyping, but I’m actually not. I’m telling the truth from what I, myself, experienced and witnessed in my own high school. I don’t want to say all popular kids are like this because that just isn’t true.

I’ve come to a conclusion about high school.

The nerds will be ruling the world soon. *applause* The ones in the middle are living, trying to figure out what the hell to do. Like me!

I wasn’t popular, that’s for sure, but I knew some of the “it” crowd. I was smart and often one of the ones people would copy off of. Beggars can’t be choosers. I paid attention in class (except math) and studied.

I wasn’t made fun of too much. I wasn’t bullied. I wasn’t the girl people pointed and laughed at. I wasn’t the class slut. I wasn’t the class valedictorian. I made mistakes that I sometimes regret, but none that landed me in the principal’s office or in detention. Oh wait, I actually did get detention once- for missing too many days when I was actually sick.

Yeah, I’d say I was pretty darn lucky. I survived.

High school wasn’t too enjoyable for me though. But who actually enjoyed high school? I thought it was boring and there was WAY too much drama.

Put 30 pubescent kids in one room and see what happens. Nothing good I can tell you.

Attending an incredibly small high school did not help either. Everyone knew everyone and knew what everyone did at all times. Literally.

I remember when I found out my English teacher had slept with the superintendent who was actually my tennis coach’s husband. I felt letdown because our teachers are supposed to be role models. Or so I thought. I even liked/respected that teacher UNTIL I found that out.

Sounds like a soap opera, huh?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Then you’ve got the coaches and teachers who go that extra mile and sleep with a student or 2. I actually had a friend who dated a coach after we graduated. Of course, they flirted and got to know each other while we were in high school. They were at least 10 years apart which doesn’t sound awful when you’re in your twenties and older but when you’re 17 or 18 and a coach wants to “hook up” with you…that’s a bit grotesque. To me. Especially when the coach is in his late twenties. But hey, whatever floats your strangely inappropriate boat.

Small schools (or any schools I guess) are bad about that.

I did end up making a few good friends though so that makes up for some of the things that happened.

I think high school is meant to be tough for everyone. Even the popular kids. It’s meant to teach lessons that can’t be taught anywhere else. Lessons like how to punch someone in the face or how to cheat on a test without getting caught or acceptable social behavior. I only learned the last one. I didn’t care for the first 2.

It’s just kind of odd that the “it” crowd isn’t so “it” anymore. You expect them to graduate from an Ivy League college then go on to be successful doctors or business people. I personally don’t think being Mr./Ms. Popular is important at all. It doesn’t get you anywhere in life. Or that’s my opinion.

I just hope everyone is happy with who they’ve become or who they are working on becoming.

I’m working on me still…after all, what’s the rush?



4 thoughts on “I didn’t rule high school

  1. I went to a “technical” High School. Everyone there was a nerd!

    • Then there weren’t any hierarchy issues I’m guessing!

      • Oh hell yes – but they were nerd related hierarchy issues. Trust me, engineers and applied science grads are just as psychologically fragile and prone to fake out as jocks and cheerleaders

      • Lol I figured it would be different since it was all of the same classification (I guess that’s a good word to use) because usually if people have a lot in common they get along. Like nerds, cheerleaders, jocks…all that

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