A jumbled rant of one jumbled obsession

I have an unhealthy obsession with New York City.

For some reason, I am drawn to it.

The wallpaper on my computer is of Central Park at night with the bridge facing the Plaza hotel. My head perks up every time someone mentions it. I watch TONS of movies that take place there. I even envy people who live anywhere near it. When friends of mine say “oh yeah, I’ve been there”, I just look at them and turn green. I am green because of NYC.

Told ya!

I say it’s unhealthy, even though I don’t have any unhealthy habits relating to this obsession, because I think when I get there someday, either by visiting or moving there, that I will be letdown. I really hope I’m not, but things are never as good as they are in your imagination.

Sounds pretty depressing, I’ll admit.

Don’t be fooled. I still have plenty of hope stored up that no amount of badmouthing NYC can take away from me. Every time I mention this dream to my dad he seems to always shoot it down. “It’s really expensive, Candice” or “It’s very crowded, Candice”. I know that. And I also know that my dad HATES big, crowded, noisy cities so he has an unfair bias towards everywhere that isn’t NYC. I have seen a huge amount of movies and read many articles on it. Everything is expensive these days. Everywhere is crowded. Well, cities anyways.

Central Park in the fall. Fashion Week. 5th Avenue. Statue of Liberty. Ellis Island. Manhattan. Wall Street. Times Square. Bryant Park. How can those places sound terrible? Yes, you need to have vast piles of cash to enjoy yourself there, but no matter where you move you’ll be working your butt off so why does it matter where you’ll be doing that at? You might as well enjoy the place if you’re stuck there. Although I have always been a firm believer in you’re never stuck anywhere. I would love to be stuck in New York City any day.

I really have no idea why I became so obsessed with this city. Out of all of the cities in the world it had to be NYC. Maybe it was all of those Sex and the City episodes I watched. Over and over and over again- I bought them all. Maybe it was a picture of Central Park I saw. Maybe it was the Statue of Liberty that we studied about in elementary school. Maybe it was watching Home Alone 2: Lost in New York every single year around Christmas. I don’t know, but I do know I haven’t changed my mind about it in at least a year. For me, that’s a long time. I usually end up changing my mind every couple of months.

Everything about this city astonishes me. The seasons. The shopping. The landscape. The taxis. I love it all, even from 1359.30 miles away. According to mapquest.com. Yes, I mapped out my dream. I even found plane tickets.

One day, you will find me sitting on a park bench in Central Park or walking to my room in the Plaza Hotel. One day…



One thought on “A jumbled rant of one jumbled obsession

  1. Just remember, actual contact with your dreams can lead to disillusionment:-) I’m from the Buck Owens school which says “I wouldn’t live in New York City if you gave me the whole dang town”. Tried living there once, found i loathed very minute of it. Maybe it does work magic for tourists, I don’t know, but I can think of a thousand more interesting and friendly cities to visit. Good luck with your dream!

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