Technology- friend or foe?

Lately, I’ve been wishing we lived in simpler times. By simpler, I mean less technology (except things that are super important like medical equipment and such).

It seems that when we had land lines and no social websites there was less drama and bullshit. Every time I get on Facebook I see friends bitching about people bitching or people thinking every status is referring to them. Back 10 or so years ago, people would tell you what they thought not smear it all over the Internet. Or they would be like a normal person and just talk about you behind your back instead of sneaking around online where it’s very likely that certain person can and will see it or texting and accidentally sending it to the wrong person. You get it. It’s complicated.

I love technology, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it’s more of a hassle. Look at all of the fancy cell phones, TVs, and iPods. I remember when I was little I just could push the play button on my cassette or portable CD player and color in a coloring book instead of playing games on an iPad. Everything is complicated now. Hell, kids don’t even know what board games are these days.

Does technology really make life easier?

I miss the times where e-mail was the new thing and you used maps instead of GPS devices when you were driving. Nowadays we don’t even have to look up words in a real dictionary. Instead of flipping pages, all you have to do is type it in Google. If you think about it we really don’t have to get up out of our desk chair to do much these days. Shopping? Nope, type in what you want and ta-dah! You’ve got it within 3-5 business days without even lifting more than a finger. I will admit I do love shopping online, but I don’t like how easy it is. The easier it is the more money you’re likely to spend which I guess is the whole point. Paying bills through the mail? Not anymore. No stamps needed, just go online. Talking to people? Ha, just make a Facebook profile or get an e-mail address. You don’t even need to be you. You can be whoever you want.

What’s so wrong with driving down the road to the store? Licking a few stamps and walking out to the mailbox? Calling up someone on the phone and meeting them in person for a drink? Technology is useful, but it encourages laziness. In this day and time, we have too many options.

A simple country town looks rather enticing right now. No texting. No Internet. No big bad world at your fingertips.

I dare to dream…



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