Always in a hurry, aren’t we?

I’m about to tell you something I don’t enjoy admitting. I’m a little addicted to Facebook. But that’s actually not what I’m blogging about. That’s just the side bar information…

As I was skimming Facebook for the 4th (or so) time today, I realized that a lot of my Facebook “friends” are 1 or all of the above: married, parents, engaged. Most of these friends I’m referring to are in their early to mid 20’s. So young! I’m constantly bombarded with cell phone family portraits and statuses like “my child is in kindergarten now! Omg!” Or “Sheila just pee peed in the big girl potty!” Is that what life is all about?

The interesting (to me) part about this realization is that I don’t envy any of these people. Not right now anyways. I enjoy being able to stretch out on the couch in my most hideous pajamas repeatedly watching my favorite guilty pleasure tv show while eating ice cream all day on my days off. I enjoy not having huge responsibilities that take over my entire life requiring all of my time and energy leaving me with not even enough time to shower. I enjoy being single and unspoken for even when I don’t have a life (like I don’t now) and don’t have plans to become the next Pamela Anderson. I know some people who might read this are thinking “but your loved one won’t care about any of that!”

WRONG! Everyone always cares. When I loved a guy, I still cared about his appearance and I’m willing to bet he felt the same way about me. You just lie and say it doesn’t bother you…

Or some of you may be thinking “selfish bitch”. That’s all okay.

When you graduate high school/college (or even during), people have certain expectations for you. I guess I should rephrase that. There are certain expectations for females. Certain LARGE ones. They’ve been going on for centuries. Like during the 40’s women were expected to get married ASAP then have kids even sooner and give up all of their hopes and dreams just so they could become the next Mrs. Jones with 5 lovely children.

I don’t understand what the rush is. It’s not like our life expectancies are low and we’ve got a maximum of 50 years to get everything accomplished. We’ve got time. I do understand things happen unexpectedly. I really do, but they shouldn’t define us.

In no way am I dissing the happy people who love their lives with these certain huge responsibilities. I’m glad they’ve found their calling! Honestly, one day I hope to share a few of them. I’m just dissing the people who expect too much and who try to shove their “beliefs” down certain sexes’ and age groups’ throats.

Ms. Single, free, and enjoying every minute of it.

My rant is over. Good night!



5 thoughts on “Always in a hurry, aren’t we?

  1. It’s sad, really. I’d like to get settled in my career, go on some crazy adventures and enjoy my future husband before all of “the big stuff.” My thought always is: Where are they all finding these men to marry and settle down with? I’m with you, though. Open to love, but happily single 🙂

  2. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 11 years, but I’m only 29. People always seem to think we are having problems because there are no babies or a wedding on the way. Nobody seems to understand that we are happy together just living together right now. Despite being together for what people think is over the appropriate amount of time, we aren’t marrying or having kids because… we just don’t want to yet. Period. No dark secrets, or horrible disagreements. It’s actually one of the many things we have in common. Everybody has their own time table, and we all need to be left alone about it!

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