A little too much

Can you marry a rich guy if you aren’t rich yourself? Will the public (or your family and friends) think you’re just with him for his money? That’s the problem with wealth. You either have too much or not enough. We struggle and work our butts off (some more than others but still) to make the little bit of money that will pay our bills, buy clothes, eat good food, and send us on vacations.

Women do fall in love with men before they find out they’re rich. Women also do fall in love with men after they find out they’re rich.

The world is a wicked place. Everyone wants money. It rules the world. Without it, you can hardly survive. But everyone also wants love. So blending those 2 major life events together should equal happiness. Right?

So why do some people think badly of others when they marry one who is significantly wealthier or poorer than they are?

I grew up basically comfortable, but never rich. I do plan on getting a career that will make my bank account rather hefty. Well, hefty to me anyways. If I marry a man richer than me, will I be deemed a “gold digger”?

It’s crazy how much importance people put on money, salaries, paychecks, all of that. YES they are extremely important in order to survive comfortably but is money everything? I don’t think so.

Just a thought…



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