Pouring down

In life, it seems that when bad things (or things we don’t agree with) happen all at once or together in bursts. When I woke up this morning, I was attacked with a lot of issues that are going on in my life one thing after another. Some of which aren’t my fault, but that doesn’t really matter. They still involve me which is plenty enough. So literally, from the time I woke up this morning, my day has been shitty. I don’t have many shitty days because it’s usually one small bad thing that happens and I try not to let that bother me too much.

When it rains, why does it have to pour? Are we being tested by some higher power out there? Is it an eye opener to get us back on the right track?

I mean sometimes we all need to be shaken and given a reality check, but why all at once?

I made a big life decision recently and with my new job chomping at the bit, it’s hard to just breathe. I like breathing. Breathing is necessary for survival. We need to breathe.

To top off this horrible day, it seems to be cloudy and might rain on me as I’m walking from my car into the mall for work. That would just be dandy.

And I am saddened that my package from Amazon was in fact damaged. I ordered a used, in “very good” condition, movie and was super excited to watch it so I popped it in my DVD player and SURPRISE! it didn’t work. I took it out and made sure there wasn’t any dirt or whatever on it and there was a crack near the center. @!$#%

I REALLY hope everyone else’s Friday is going a lot better.





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