Sparkle and shine

If it’s on sale…I’ll most likely buy it. Or at least look at it and try to decide if I “need” it or not.

Like nail polish for example. All of my favorite polishes were found in a clearance bin at some department store/drugstore.

If you can still find these (they are kind of old), they are great year round and can add a bit of “sparkle” to your life.

My clearance trio

From left to right: Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Violet Metal, Sally Hansen HD in Laser, and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Deeply Violet. All of these have a lot of sparkle to them and actually do try quickly. I was surprised to see that they also last quite a long time. The Deeply Violet polish is rather dark (almost black), but it works. I would show you how each of these looks on a nail but I painted mine red (and added sparkles to them) last night for work today. Oops!

My fall sparkle for the week!

You might be thinking these polishes are a bit young for you, but I promise they look great. Especially if you tend to wear bright colors already or, if you’re like me and wear a lot of black, these add a POP! of color to any outfit.

So just remember, always check the clearance bins! 😉

It’s Friday! ❤




2 thoughts on “Sparkle and shine

  1. Thanks for the Love !!

  2. That blue looks interesting…..

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