Be careful what you wish for

I used to throw wishes around like they were nothing until one day one of those wishes came true and I wished it hadn’t.

Like Saturday, for example. I received a call from the manager at a store that shall not be named (wouldn’t be professional of me) and learned that I got the job I applied for.

I was pretty darn excited that my wish had come true. I needed money for girly things and my small amount of bills. I’m not one to mooch off of my dad although he argues that it’s not mooching because it’s him. I disagree.

Until today. Today was a day in hell. Today was my first day on the job.

I know first days are never truly fun. There not supposed to be. You have mountains of paperwork and training to do and all of that so I wasn’t expecting much for my little 3 hour shift. I thought “how bad could it be?” Pretty bad, I’ll admit.

I dressed for a 3 hour shift and wore shoes that you could only tolerate for about 3 hours and now I’m suffering.

I’ll tell you why this was the worst day…

First, I arrived at 9:15am because my shift was supposed to start at 9:30. Well, it didn’t. I ended up waiting until 10am for my boss to arrive. During those 45 minutes of constantly looking all around me for my coworker to unlock the doors, I was greeted by a creepy old man who asked me, “My wife isn’t giving me sex. What should I do? Should I leave her?” Ummm…

Then, my boss arrived at 10am with her/his (I won’t even let you in on if they are a he or a she!) arms full of food and water bottles which kind of scared me because I didn’t bring any of that with me. She/he begins bitching right away. Now, I was raised to act professional in the work environment which means: no cell phones, no personal business, no complaining. She/he broke all 3 of those rules for the entire time I was there working with him/her.

I won’t go into specifics, but let’s just say my feet and brain hurt from everything I learned and did today. I was supposed to only work a 3 hour shift (which sounded amazing) and ended up working 6 hours. I had to endure bitching all day and somewhat odd behavior. I am used to working with more professional adults, but beggars can’t be choosers, right?

I will admit that I am glad I got hired. At least 5 young high school girls came in today asking if their applications had been reviewed yet. That’s not counting the calls we received either!

I never worked in retail before…so it will take me a little more time to decide if I like it or not, but I must say this is not what I expected. This part-time job might take a little more energy. Good thing I am a hard worker!

So, all of that being said, next time I fill out millions of job applications and sit on the couch for hours being lazy wishing I had a job, I will zip my lips! I need to work on being thankful!

At least I get a 50% discount. I every cloud really does have a silver lining. I hope.

I am leaving you with a fun little quote I found by the Dalai Lama. “Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.” Man, is he right.




3 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for

  1. Retail is (um) interesting. I use to work at the customer service desk at a major retailer while in college. And…it gets pretty weird what people will try and return. Buckle in…it’s going to get exciting. LOL Congrats on the job.

  2. I’ve never worked retail but I hear it is hell! Good luck!

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