On a lighter note…

I realize the blog I wrote yesterday was a very serious one. One I shouldn’t have written on a Wednesday because it seemed more like a Monday one, but ah well.

Today is Thursday which is good. Friday is approaching rapidly so I will write a blog that is light and frothy to match.

1. My biggest dream is…to move to New York City. My dreams (or goals as some put it) usually fall apart a few months after or even a couple years after I create them in my head, but this was is still going strong. I yearn to be in a huge city with so many sought after stores to shop in, restaurants to eat at, clubs to party in, and the biggest of them all…CENTRAL PARK. I have studied the photographs found online and just can’t help but ogle at them every single time. It doesn’t help that I watch Sex and the City reruns every chance I get or any of the other movies I own that take place in “The Big Apple”. I just can’t help it. Maybe once I visit I will see what I’m truly missing or what I’m not missing at all, but I will say…it has got to be better than Louisiana. Each year I live here, I hate it more. Hot, humid, mosquito capitol of the U.S.A…not my cup of tea.


2. I can not wait to finish college. I feel stuck in a rut and I want to finally start a career and get a life! This whole business of playing Sims 3 most days, reading mountains of books, watching even bigger mountains of movies…it’s getting old. Pretty soon the ladies who work at the library will know my first name. Not good. I want to be that person who’s bitching about her life in her 30’s and be able to change it. Anything except being stuck in neutral, I call it, because I can’t (and won’t) quit, but am currently not going anywhere with it. Math, that’s who I blame. I won’t even go down that road…

Basically a true story.


3. This is the first blog I’ve written that my poor incredibly small computer desk isn’t full of dust, dog hair, my hair, and eraser pieces. I would say that is a first! It was probably the most messy part of my entire room. Sad, huh?

4. When I do finally have an apartment or (in my dreams) a penthouse in NYC, I will be hopefully purchasing one of this artist’s gorgeous work. I’m very mad that I can’t remember her name and after researching online I still can’t find it. GRR!!! If you know it, PLEASE COMMENT WITH HER NAME!!!!

So realistic!

5. My favorite Latin quote is by Rene Descartes- “Cognito, ergo sum.” Translation- “I think; therefore, I am.” Pretty nifty, eh?

6. Last random thought right now is…I’m reading a very good book right now by Lauren Weisberger (author of The Devil Wears Prada) called Everyone Worth Knowing. It is great so far and I’m over halfway through with it so I’m guessing it will be a great book overall. I definitely suggest reading it!

Those are my random thoughts for today…hope they made someone laugh or something. Ha!





3 thoughts on “On a lighter note…

  1. I lived in NYC for about 2 minutes once – and I couldn’t wait to get back to the South! Good luck with those dreams! 🙂

  2. Big dreams… Chase them!

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