Society knows no bounds

As I drank my coffee this morning, I began thinking about how society wants us to be. Women should be thin with big bosoms/tiny waist/perfect hair/flawless faces and men should be lean with chiseled bodies/perfect hair/top jobs. Does society truly understand how hard it is to transform yourself into all of that?

1) Society doesn’t have to eat healthy. Sausage/bacon biscuits, cheeseburgers, corn dogs, steaks, cupcakes, sodas. It’s not easy to say “no, I think I’ll have a bag of baby carrots with water instead” or “no, I’ll have a cube of cheese.” IT completely disregards what’s actually healthy and safe. Skipping meals? Good for you!

2) Society doesn’t have to get up off of the comfortable couch and go work out. Television, books, computer games, Xbox. Instead of all of that, IT wants people to go outside in the sweltering weather and run 10 miles then come home (after drinking a gallon of water) and do 100 push ups, sit ups, and planks. You worked out 8 hours today and collapsed of exhaustion? That’s awesome!

3) Society doesn’t have to apply 10 different creams and moisturizers in the morning and at night in order to have the perfect flawless skin that does NOT come with age. IT wants people to have perfect WRINKLE-FREE (and acne free) skin no matter how old or young they are, pushing people towards botox, plastic surgery, and expensive wrinkle creams.

4) Society doesn’t have to put on a form fitting mini dress and walk in stilettos or any other uncomfortable outfit just to feel beautiful/sexy and risk being called degrading names because IT thinks scantily clad women are “sexy”. Less is more, right?

5) Society doesn’t have to learn all of the tedious techniques to applying makeup so that it does a variety of different things such as make the person look: natural, glowing, dewy, seductive. IT wants women to wear makeup so that they can reflect “beauty” to others. Freckles, acne, moles, and discoloration are all characteristics of the past.

6) Society doesn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars perfecting it’s teeth and smile so that it glimmers and sparkles every time it smiles. Braces are a must-have for almost everyone who isn’t blessed with already straight teeth.

7) Society doesn’t have to go out and spend oodles of hard earned cash to buy that top of the line vehicle that everyone wants or that super chic purse that people sign up to get on waiting lists for. What you buy and carry tell everyone what type of person you are. Wealthy.

8) Society doesn’t have to go to college so that someday the job it will get supports it’s expensive habits and credit card bills.

9) Society doesn’t have to surrender to peer pressure which includes doing drugs and/or drinking at every social club or get together in order to look cool. All of the popular kids have mug shots.

10) Last but not least, society doesn’t have to worry about if the way they look or the job they have affects whether or not they will get a boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife in the future. IT wants women/men to be perfect so the “one” out there will want them.

Society wants everyone to devote their lives to being what IT thinks is perfection. Counting calories at every meal, working out every day at the gym with a trainer for hours at a time, having a stylist and makeup artist, attending that Ivy League college…IT forgets that all often takes away a person’s happiness and pushes them further away from life’s simple things.

Society has forgotten that flaws and imperfections are beautiful; therefore, covering it all up means the people are hiding their true beauty because it isn’t what society wants.

The truth REALLY is is that WE created this society. One that began by a person’s opinion(s) then spread to surrounding societies. How we are and how we are treated today is a product of our own actions and opinions.

Sad, isn’t it?



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