Where’s the duct tape when you need it?

The other day when I was watching a movie with my dad, I realized that I don’t just watch movies. I study them. I criticize them.

I “study” movies. I tell people who the actors/actresses are, who they’re married to, what movies they’ve played in. I even study the landscapes to see where the movie is taking place. New York is one of the most common places for romantic comedies to take place in, I’ve noticed. Hitch, Something Borrowed, Bride Wars, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days…you get the drift. This could be a consequence to reading too many Us Weekly magazines or watching too many episodes of Access Hollywood. I’m not quite sure, but, to me, it feels like I can never relax and just watch the movie, simply following the story line. I have to let the entire room know what I KNOW about the movie and the people in it. Sad…

I’ll admit, I’m probably one of the most annoying people to watch movies with. I’m not as bad as the ones who laugh uncontrollably about things that aren’t funny or comment about everything or ask questions constantly. I do try to wait until there’s a silent part, but I still speak.

Unfortunately, I love romantic comedies. Staring at my DVD collection, I saw that probably at least half of them fall into that category. I used to make fun of these movies when I was younger and the people that liked them, but now I am one. Mostly. The ones with too many graphic sex scenes aren’t really my cup of tea especially while my dad watches with me (ha ha). I would rather just use my imagination when they begin kissing and close the door to the camera.

WHY CAN’T I JUST CHILL AND WATCH THE MOVIE? Maybe I should stuff popcorn in my mouth so I will actually shut up the entire time.

Another thing I want to mention (I actually saw this on an episode of The Insider a few weeks ago- shut up!) is about the fashion line called DC Kids (Dolores Cortes). This baby clothing company now  includes babies with Down syndrome as models. Valentina Guerrero is the face of this company now and I can definitely see why.

Photo credit: designer base

She’s absolutely adorable. After I saw this, I thought “finally the world is showing some heart.” I LOVE THIS! These babies are so damn precious. Not only will they make you want to buy the clothes, but they will make you want to pinch their little cheeks and give them a big bear hug.

Target has also used a model with this type of syndrome. I think this is a great step in the right direction in the fashion industry. People shouldn’t be penalized because of how they were born. Especially when they are this adorable!

Well, I think I have officially said enough for the day! I hope everyone’s weekend is great and enjoy this nice cool front! If you’re in LA!



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