Time to breathe


I am blogging to let everyone know that I made it safely. Just in case you were wondering…

The storm wasn’t as bad as we had prepared for thankfully. Our electricity never went off which is a blessing! If you’ve ever been through a tropical storm or hurricane you know how sucky they can be. I am glad everyone else is safe too. Our yard looks like a small tornado came through because of all of the limbs and leaves, but that’s okay. Our road never got blocked or flooded, hooray! Unfortunately there aren’t any interesting things to show you. I was hoping I would have a couple of cool pictures to add, but of course not. Unless you like leaves and twigs.

My heart does go out to all of the pitiful people who weren’t prepared in LaPlace and other areas around there along with New Orleans. Watching them on the news broke my heart. Especially when I saw all of the pets who needed rescuing from roofs and attics. Natural disasters are a horrid crime of nature and no matter how much we try to predict them, they always take us by surprise. This surprise was a good one though! Well, here in Baton Rouge.

I also want to mention how pitiful (and funny) my poor dog was when she needed to potty. She weighs around 20 pounds and almost got blown away from the strong wind and rain. I’ve never laughed that hard at her taking a poop. Anyways…

I hope everyone made it through and for all of you up north…thank your lucky stars!



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