Hello, bloggers! I am sorry for being absent lately. I have had other issues on my plate and now Isaac takes the cake. No…that would be an honor. Let’s see, Isaac gets to be the nasty overcooked slimy green vegetables on the edge of my plate that I won’t eat. Yeah, that sounds better.

It’s so ugly.

There’s a few problems with living in the “deep south”. Besides heat and humidity, hurricanes seem to be high on the list. I have been through 3 so far and Isaac makes my fourth one. Even though it has not upgraded to a hurricane yet, that doesn’t mean people haven’t started freaking out. At first I was calm and collected, but when I heard gas stations were running out of gas then I started to worry a little. Then my friend said she was evacuating so I got a little more anxious. Then my dad, who is usually a laid-back dude, even started to get worried which means…I SHOULD BE WORRIED TOO. So I am. And so is my dog. She was a nervous wreck yesterday.

I prefer the colorful images. Much prettier to look at.

Yesterday we had the news on ALL DAY which gets old because the poor news anchors and reporters really suck at hiding their feelings and just say the same thing over and over again. I don’t live in New Orleans so I won’t freak out as bad as they should, but Baton Rouge is only 45 minutes to an hour north of NOLA. So I’m freaking out a tiny bit. I’ll be safe because the house we live in has to be at least 50 years old and from what I’ve learned, hurricanes don’t like old houses. It scares them.

So today, after making a huge breakfast to use up our eggs, we ran to the dollar store down the street and stocked up on tea lights, matches, batteries, and so on. Just in case you’re thinking “well they need food!” we already handled that. That was our goal for yesterday as well as picking up everything outside our house that could turn into a torpedo of death. Or destruction.

I think one of the worst things about these next couple of days is that my dad won’t be home. He works at the port and as you most likely know they’re not allowed to not go to work because of a silly little hurricane. He has to work his normally scheduled hours no matter what. So when the power goes out I will be alone in our tiny, creepy house with my dog. BUT the good thing is…he’ll be home when the storm is supposed to hit tomorrow. The meteorologists are predicting that this storm will be worse than Andrew and Gustav for Baton Rouge which is NOT GOOD. They’re saying it has slowed down and the pressure is changing which is also NOT GOOD.

My barometer can feel it

Eerily enough, the weather outside has not grown to scary levels yet. It was bright and sunny this morning and VERY windy. Now it is starting to darken up.

None of my family members are evacuating which is a little scary because my grandmother is away on vacation in New Hampshire at my aunt’s house while my grandfather is home. He’s a tough old bird though. Maybe too tough.

So for all of you out there who live in the south like myself, stay strong and get prepared if you’re not already. Water, flashlights, canned goods, and phone chargers should be items on the top of your list and make sure your pets are cared for as well. If I find out you’ve left them outside, I will hunt you down and bitch slap you. If you have extremely valuable items that you don’t want waterlogged then put those in plastic gallon/sandwich baggies and up high just in case. “You can never be too safe”-words to live by.

That being said, I better shut down my computer and continue to hunker down. Thank God for iPhone games. 😉



2 thoughts on “Isaac

  1. I turned down a job in BR 4 months ago so it looks like I dodged a bullet there. No hurricanes for me – I’ll stay here in the land of earthquakes, brush fires and mud slides, thanks very much!

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