Pixie: Becoming a dainty trend

I have been wearing my hair short for a few months now and I can honestly say I LOVE IT! I have tried many different hairstyles throughout my 21 years and haven’t been able to find anything that fits who I am and my face shape. Finally the pixie cut became popular. At first I thought it was boyish, but it has grown on me. Now it’s my favorite haircut. I got another haircut today because I felt it wasn’t short enough. If you’re scared to try this look, that’s perfectly fine, but you gotta remember 1 thing…HAIR GROWS BACK! I think this haircut suits a lot of women, but a lot of people just aren’t brave enough to cut all of their hair off. Trust me, it’s worth it. Especially if you find you LOVE it!

This was my inspiration.

Ginnifer Goodwin.

I will be trying the scarf accessory as soon as I can find one. Adorable!

Or a sleek headband…

I also love her look like this…

I bought some styling product from the salon to try and perfect this hairstyle. This is what the pro’s LOVE and suggest using. I was a little skeptical at first because it is for men, but what the hell? Might as well live a little, right? This pomade, as they call it, smells really nice. It isn’t manly at all (he he!) and smells citrus-y. I love it. This is actually the men’s line from Paul Mitchell, but it’s basically unisex.

$16 that will last you

You will love the smell!

It is a very thick serum paste kind of product so you only need to use about a dime size. Then rub it together between your hands and apply to your hair. I love this stuff because you can sleek your hair down or rough it up. Like this…

By the way, it’s pretty hard to take a picture of yourself without feeling like you look like a doofus. Just sayin’…

So you can see, it’s a very trendy, dainty, cute, spunky, versatile haircut. Did I use enough adjectives?

I also discovered something this week that I think a lot of the women out there will like (and men if you’re into that).

About $10

I have never used a hair removal product such as Nair and Veet, but I must say for a first time…this stuff was great! It didn’t have the typical strong chemical smell, but instead had a pleasant smell. It also makes you kind of feel like you’re at a spa because it is a clay type substance. It worked well and did NOT burn or irritate my legs and skin at all. It also only took about 6 minutes to do then you hop in the shower and rinse it off. I would recommend this product for sure. Especially if you’re like me and hate shaving.

Well, I think that’s all. Hope everyone has a lovely Friday!



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