There weren’t really any movies I watched this week worth mentioning except The Tourist which has Johnny Depp in it. I am a huge fan of his and watch every movie he’s in. I figured I wouldn’t dedicate one whole post just for one movie so I’m adding it here. I rate it 8 out of 10 gold stars.

Moving along…

I recently downloaded a FREE game and have become addicted to it. It’s called No Zombies Allowed and I absolutely love it. In fact, I love it so much that I’m going to tell you all about it. Well just the big parts. I’m leaving the tiny details out so you’ll have some mysteries to solve.

I’m usually not a huge gamer and get bored easily with games on phones especially, but this one has kept my interest for about 3 days now. I will admit it runs down your battery, BUT it’s worth it. It’s just plain adorable. Who doesn’t love a good zombie shooting game with cute characters?

After the world has almost come to an end and an apocalypse has broken out leaving zombies everywhere, you are given a town. At the front gate is a small tower with a lady in it who shoots zombies with her sniper rifle. All you do is touch the zombie and she shoots them. They look like they can get in, but they actually don’t. You choose who gets to live there and who doesn’t. Click on the person walking up and it will tell you what level they are and what trait they have. You can either “accept” or “deny”. You will feel bad when you “deny” people, but depending on how many residences you have you won’t be able to control that. Each residence houses 5 people. Each building requires more money, but don’t worry it doesn’t take too long to get the coins you need.

You can even use “bucks” to make buildings go faster while they’re being built.

You build those and then you build businesses for the citizens to work at. So far I think I have less than 20 buildings, but with each zombie you kill at the front gate you get coins and boxes of supplies. Each person has a trait. Realist, Joker, Warrior, Dreamer…those are a few. And they’re all different colors too. For each business, they want you to match up a person who has the specific trait for that job. You can hire people who don’t match, but you won’t get the extra coins. I didn’t figure this out till later. After you’ve hired the 3 maximum for each business, you get notifications on the left side of the screen telling you which ones need to be “stocked”. Click on the button above the building and choose which merchandise you want your worker to build next. Then after they build them they sell them. You can also choose to “evict” the person or “fire” them. Firing them will not evict them, it will just leave them unemployed which isn’t a big deal. I haven’t figured out how to level up people yet so I’m not sure how the people have different ones. At any time during the game you can look at all of the “survivors” you’ve let in and see who’s working and who’s not. You can also evict people here too.

After building 3 or 4 buildings, you’ll come across a road block that let’s you hunt for supplies outside of your town. Your phone uses your precise location and shows you a map of the businesses around you. It’s actually really cool! After that, you choose one of your workers to take on that job. It usually takes from 30 minutes to an hour for them to gather all the supplies they can fit into the work truck. Then it will tell you it’s time to defend your supplies from an attack of zombies. The first weapon you get is just a normal handgun, but as you acquire more “runs” you level up to a shotgun. I think a sniper weapon is next, but I’m not sure because I’m still at the shotgun level. Both guns work well but you HAVE to make sure that you kill the zombies closest to your vehicle FIRST so that they don’t get you and your supplies. You can’t die in this game or at least I haven’t figured out how yet.


I like that this game is easy to figure out, but has so many different things to do that it’s not boring. The cool thing is once you’re done playing, the town keeps going so when you return a lovely screen pops up telling you how many coins you received since you left. I haven’t figured out everything yet and I’m sure I’m missing a few things, but once you start playing you’ll easily get the feel for it!

This is definitely the funnest FREE game I’ve ever played on my iPhone. I can’t get enough! Be sure to keep your charger close by.

Happy weekend, bloggers! 😀



2 thoughts on “Zombies!!!

  1. Awwww, it looks so adorable that I’d almost want to HUG those zombies! xD

  2. I think that’s partially why I’m addicted to this game 😉

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