Bad, badder, baddest

Yes, I know badder is slang…



Yesterday was one of the most eventful days of this year for me. That’s not hard to top, but it is a feat.

One of my good friends here had gotten in a fender-bender a few months ago and received a ticket for “failure to yield”. I woke up early and we left for her court appearance with her 2-month-old baby boy in tow. Low and behold we were NOT prepared for what that entailed.

I have never been to the courthouse here and I’ll admit I’ve never been to many at all (luckily), but I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal. I was wrong.

While hopelessly digging around her lime green car for change to put in the parking meter, the city lawn mowing guys (who weren’t very bright) mowed over a chunk of wood under a tree (doesn’t everyone know the first rule about lawn mowing is to clear the area first of debris?) and it swung towards us, hitting her passenger car door thus leaving a pretty dent. We saw this and thanked the lord it didn’t hit us because the piece of wood in question was light as a feather when I picked it up. Getting the guy’s attention and bringing over his supervisor, we finally made it up the steps to the front doors.

I carry mace, a pocket knife, and my cell phone almost at all times in my purse of life. Before entering the courthouse we see a sign that says “NO:…” then lists everything you’re not allowed to bring in. Mace, knives, and cell phones are not permitted so I took those few items out of my purse and ran back to the car. Coming back, we were told we had to empty the stroller and diaper bag so that we could get through the sensor. Having to take out the baby, I walked through with the stroller and she walked through with the baby and everything was fine. OMG! I accidentally left my tiny LED flashlight in my purse and that cause a small stir, but eventually I picked up my purse and we proceeded to the next step.

There are some interesting people in courthouses. We waited in the lobby titled “vehicle/criminal..”  and let me tell you…some of the things people wear to court are outrageous. In a bad way. The front desk has a neat little pile of paper shirts (like the ones you put on at the doctor’s office) that they hand to people who aren’t dressed appropriately. Let’s just say, I saw quite a few people wearing those. Anyways…

I will admit now that I am not a baby person. I grew up around adults and have never really played with babies before so when I’m around one I feel foolish because they’re smarter than me. Just kidding, but I do feel odd making funny faces at the baby and trying to stop him from crying by shoving a bottle in his mouth…which is what I did for the 2 hours we were in the courthouse. I was not aware this is what I would be doing, but I bit the bullet and helped out my friend.  She would have been screwed if I wasn’t there to help because she had to see a prosecutor and I doubt they would have let her bring her baby in.

2 hours later we walked out of the courthouse with smiles on our faces because my friend got out of the ticket. From what she told me, it didn’t sound like the accident was her fault so I was glad.

We packed the baby back in the car and headed out. While talking on the phone with a number the supervisor, mentioned earlier, gave her to call, we were pulled over by a cop. Not just A cop, but THE cop that gave her a ticket from the fender-bender. Ironic, huh?

Luckily, she got out of that ticket also because he “gave her a ticket, but not the other girl last time so you should cut me a break”. He was pulling her over for not wearing her seat belt (which I’ll admit she never wears). I think now she will think twice before driving anywhere…or at least I hope so.

You must remember that my days consist of driving down the street to the store or staying home doing math homework or whatever so that was a VERY eventful day for me. My friend, who is “a good driver, I swear!”, almost had a heart attack, but we both made it safely home.

Sometimes karma is on your side.

Thankfully, I’m a good driver and don’t go to court…ever. 🙂

Happy Hump Day, bloggers!



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