My encounter with a shark

I noticed Shark Week started last night on the Discovery Channel so I felt a little story was a good way to kick it off.

A few years ago, one of my good friends came to visit me when I lived in Crystal Beach, Texas. What did we do when she got there? Did what everyone else usually does. Went to the beach, of course. It was fun. We swam and floated and tanned around.

One day, we took out one of these floats my dad had that was supposed to be a kayak. It was more like a flat floaty with a back and armrests on it. Anyways, it was fun. As you’ve probably heard, Crystal Beach is known for having a few sharks, tiger sharks. Tiger sharks are said to be one of the most aggressive.

Well we floated out pretty far on the float and were just relaxing. All of a sudden I saw a dorsal fin pop up out of the water near our float. I did one of the dumbest things you could possibly do if you see this. I freaked out and fell off the float. Thrashing around and screaming, “shark!” as loud as I could I tried to tell my friend what was going on because she seemed to be calm and just chillin’ on the float staring at me. I kept freaking out and screaming when a guy next to us, who was fishing, said, “Hey, it’s just a dolphin.” My friend started bursting out with laughter and literally could not breathe. My parents saw all of this from the shore along with everyone else that was around and were laughing too.

I have never been more embarrassed in my life. Let’s just say I had a grudge against dolphins for a few months. It goes to show you that our eyes and minds can play tricks on us. I assumed the worse, that it was a shark, forgetting that there was another mammal out there that had a fin like a shark.

I will never forget that day. I am glad to say that it was just a dolphin although they can be ferocious too. They tend to beat up sharks from time to time. I watched the Top 10 Shark Attacks yesterday on the Discovery Channel website. You should check it out.

Happy Monday, bloggers!


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2 thoughts on “My encounter with a shark

  1. I was in Australia in 2001. One blazing hot day I went swimming and not more that 15 minutes after I had left the water, a Great White Shark gobbled up some poor Japanese guy. My lucky day, not so much his. 😦

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