This is no easy task…

for a person who is not in shape.
Today I decided to help my dad out (this is what seems to get me in trouble) and mow our front yard. Our front yard isn’t massive like some of the yards out there, but it’s not tiny nor is it flat. Have you ever mowed a hilly yard with a push mower? Not easy. Our yard doesn’t have huge hills or anything (that would just be torture) but it dips in certain places making you push with all your might so you won’t get stuck. We also have a riding lawn mower that my dad uses, but silly me, I wanted exercise and a little bit of sunshine.

There are a few reasons why this would normally be a basic task, but isn’t in my situation:

1. I am out of shape.

2. It’s a non self-propelled lawn mower.

3. I am not used to working out in the heat.

4. I don’t drink as much water as I’m supposed to.

5. I have short legs.

None of these are excuses for why I SUCK at mowing the grass, but facts.

Kudos to the brave folks out there who mow their yards with push mowers! I now respect you deeply and do not envy you at all. Shame on you for making it look so easy!

If you have not ever mowed grass, here are some things you have to worry about: ants, mosquitoes, sweating, dehydration, exhaustion. Does it sound fun yet? I mowed over 5 large ant mounds and got bit a few times. I sweated like a pig would in 100 degree weather except it’s only 86. I looked like a tomato when I finished even though I wore a baseball cap.

I could not wait to shower so I did as soon as I got inside. I took a COLD shower. I was so hot that I had to keep turning the hot water down. It felt AH-MAZING! After a cold shower, I still felt hot and looked like a tomato but that’s okay. Now the front yard looks spectacular and I can say I did it. I think mowing qualifies as my 30 minutes of exercise and my good deed for the day. I am going soak in a tub of ice now.

Have a good weekend, bloggers!



2 thoughts on “This is no easy task…

  1. Buy your dad a sheep for father’s day. Free lawn mowing for life!

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