Haircuts- a risk to take

I have gotten TONS of haircuts throughout my life. It would probably be because I can never make up my mind. So far, I’ve had a short haircut for a few months and I still love it. I’m making progress! I used to go to an amazing Paul Mitchell hair salon where I used to live. I loved it and was heartbroken when I had to move away. They’re so hard to come by!

But today I got a haircut.

I drive halfway across town to a Paul Mitchell Beauty School because it’s only $12 and you don’t (unfortunately) give them tips. When you go to beauty schools for these types of things, a student takes care of you and when they have questions they ask their teachers and when they’re done they ask their teacher again. I’m assuming they get graded on these haircuts because even though they get mildly scolded during the process they always tell you goodbye with a big smile. Sometimes they make you feel like a guinea pig, it’s worth it. It never fails that my haircut/hair is the one everyone gathers around like it’s a golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Of course it’s not (although it is a bright blonde color) so I just sit there awkwardly as people touch my hair and compliment how soft and fluffy it is. I don’t mind this although I wish I didn’t have fluffy hair. That’s besides the point. Every time I go here, I want to start attending because everything they do looks so fun. Yes, it still looks like hard work, but it looks like fun hard work if that makes any sense.

Going to a hair school is a risk, but I am glad I found this one. It’s safe and the teachers help the students a lot so rest assured you won’t walk out of there with a haircut that looks like you got ran over by a lawn mower. I’ve had many bad haircuts so when I find a place that does great, I stick to it. I really don’t care if it’s across town. Crossing traffic and throwing up a few middle fingers is worth it.




6 thoughts on “Haircuts- a risk to take

  1. I let the crazy hippy lady in the apartment upstairs cut my hair on the weekend. Big mistake!

  2. Do you go to the Paul Mitchell salon by the mall in Baton Rouge?
    I also got a haircut this past weekend…and she cut it too short ugh. I went to someone in Kinder for a couple of years and she stopped cutting. I have never been able to find another beautician as good as her.

  3. Once upon a time, long ago, everyone wanted “The Rachel,” including 14 year-old me on my way to ninth grade. I went to a small salon with a single, elderly beautician. I asked for “long layers,” and I got a mullet. Mortified. I had to get a second cut before school that left me much shorter than I was comfortable with. It was sort of freeing to have short hair, but that is the last time I’ve let anyone cut my hair!

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