In your dreams…

Dreams say what they mean, but they don’t say it in daytime language.”- Gail Godwin

The other day I was talking to one of my good friends about marriage. She had a baby (he’s the cutest) with her longtime boyfriend a couple months ago. Being the skeptic I am, I tried talking her into getting married since there’s a child involved now and I don’t want to see her hurt. Plus they love each other. Unfortunately, my persuasive talk didn’t help at all and she won’t be getting married for awhile, if ever.

That night I ended up having a dream that I was engaged. I remember the ring and everything EXCEPT who I was engaged to. Yep, I never saw who it was and I could just feel that I didn’t know. You know that weird way you feel in your dreams when you don’t know something? Well, I thought it was weird that even though I wasn’t talking about myself and marriage, I was the one who dreamed of it.

Ever since then I have been wondering what dreams mean and if they truly do show us what’s in our subconscious minds. I’ve always wanted to get married so it didn’t shock me when this happened. What kind of freaked me out was that I’ve seen the ring before and it was the one I chose for when I get married. I didn’t buy it or anything (I’m not that proactive), but I did fall in love with it.

I’ve never been married so I can’t say I know anything about it, but I do know sometimes people don’t get married because they love each other. It could be a financial status/deal, wedlock, loneliness, desperation, or because they just want a wedding. Who knows? But I do know (or REALLY hope) that when or if I get married I will be doing it for love. And to start a family. I can see where people could just get married for the wedding. There are SO many beautiful wedding dresses out there it’s crazy how you can only pick one. Getting all dolled up in a magnificent dress? Sure, count me in.

Maybe that dream expressed more than I thought. Maybe I want to get married super bad although I rarely think or talk about it.

I had a pretty neat dream last night. I don’t dream often. Growing up, I used to have this reoccurring nightmare. I was being chased by a big person (I assume it was a man) who always had a dark face so I could never tell who it was. They would always be chasing me, to hurt me, (another one of those things you can feel in a dream or nightmare). It would be me and my mother and I would get her to safety and then when I finally hid and thought I was safe, he would pop up next to me. Perhaps I was running from something back then that I could not get away from. I know it wasn’t my dad because I’ve always been a daddy’s girl. I’m getting off topic. Last night’s dream consisted of ghosts which sounds somewhat scary, but it wasn’t. It was one of those dreams that was an adventure/mystery where I was trying to help a ghost girl. Maybe I’ve been reading too many books lately. Ha ha!

I know there are books out there that supposedly tell you what the symbols in your dreams represent, but I don’t really believe that symbols represent the same thing for everyone. I do believe there are symbols in our dreams that represent feelings that we suppress in our minds, but not anything too far-fetched. I do remember studying a little about dreams in psychology and it was pretty interesting. I would most likely believe Freud (although almost everything he thought of was about sex in some way or another). He had a dirty mind.

Have you dreamed any weird dreams lately? Please share. I’d love to hear them! Happy Monday, bloggers.




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