“but uh-oh those summer nights…”

When I think of summer, I automatically get “Summer Nights” from Grease stuck in my head. “Summer lovin’ had me a blast..Summer lovin’ happened so fast…”

As I sat on my front porch, I realized what I love best about summer. Even here in Louisiana where it gets so hot you think you’re going to melt. I love the summery feel. Being able to wear shorts, tank tops, flip flops and not feel inadequate. I love the smell of freshly cut green grass and although people mow year round, it just doesn’t have the same feel to it. Almost everything is green. I love watching kids playing outside. I love seeing how green and happy the grass and trees get. I love being able to hear frisky dogs barking playfully in their backyards. I love that if you want to go swimming you can. Day or night. I love being able to sit underneath a tree and read till I doze off. I love how family get togethers feel during the summer. Eating barbeque, drinking beer, or gnawing on Popsicles outside around a picnic table. I love hearing the birds chirping after a light rain shower and smelling the rain. I love seeing hummingbirds swarm around their feeders. These are all things you can do/see year round, but there’s just something about summertime. It’s cheerful and lazy and eager to host memories like these for everyone in its domain. When I was younger, I always thought summertime was magical. No school, no homework, all play. Swim, go outside, read, do whatever I wanted to my heart’s content. Now that I’m a college student, it doesn’t quite hold the same majestic traits as it used to. Two words. Summer classes. Handy, but saddening.

If you saw how pale (or green I should say) I am, you would think I avoided summertime by hiding in a basement or a cave. If I go outside for too long (sunscreen or no sunscreen), I get burned. Too long being 30 minutes or a measly hour. I turn into a pissy crawfish. In fact, I do like it, but not as much as autumn. In the deep south, it gets dangerously hot and rains A LOT. I actually never realized how much it does rain here. Up north, it’d be my favorite season by far. It seems so mellow and relaxing. How could you not like it?

Continuing on, I went outside and snapped a few photos from around our yard (except for the strawberry Kool-Aid). Things that remind me of summertime.

It has its own mood. Well, I guess you could say every season does. Some of my fondest memories were made during the summers in between school. And although I love it, every season has its own uniqueness.Summer is coming to an end next month.

Have you done everything you had planned for this season?



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