Make up your mind already! Or don’t?

“The only means of strengthening one’s intellect is to make up one’s mind about nothing, to let the mind be a thoroughfare for all thoughts.”- John Keats

You know those annoying people that stand in line and take too many minutes to decide what they want on the menu at McDonald’s? You know those people who change their WordPress blog themes every other day or week? The ones who cannot make up their minds? I’m sad to say I am one of “those people“. It’s never good to be one of “those people“. I know, I know. I need to make up my mind. When I used to go (when I lived on college campus- no kitchen) to a fast food restaurant, I would stand in line patiently (unless I was super hungry) and look at the menu. “I want a #5 without pickles. No, wait, I’d like a #8 instead. I’m feeling chicken. Nah, beef. Shit, I don’t know.” That’s what my thoughts would sound like sometimes. One of my ex boyfriends almost threw me out of his vehicle when we went through the drive-thru. Nah, just kidding, but I’m sure it would’ve happened if  I didn’t choose something fast. You know when this happens? When I’m given too many options. Have you seen how many free themes there are to choose from on WordPress? Too many for people like me. I’ve changed mine at least 5 times since I started blogging about a month ago. When I first started blogging, I went for the bright colored themes with chunky fonts, now I prefer the modest and simple styles with hardly any color on them. I changed my theme twice yesterday. Moving right along…

This not only happens at restaurants and online, but practically everywhere. You do NOT want to go shopping with me. Geez, even I hate me in that area. Malls? You might want to run unless you’re there for moral support and don’t have anything else to do for the next couple of hours. I have a few stores I enjoy shopping at. That’s not the problem. It’s what I buy. Or don’t buy is more like it. “Hmm those skinny jeans would go good with that blue lace top. Nah, they don’t match the way I want”. “Oooh, I love that black shirt, but I need more colors in my closet”. I keep these items in my hands while I’m walking around the store then at the last minute (usually right before I get in line to check out) I throw them randomly in a pile of other discarded random items. I usually leave the store empty handed. Thank goodness I don’t do this when I’m picking out an outfit to wear for the day or else I’d never leave the house and you’d see me on a TV episode of some show about people with weird issues. I’m a freak, right? I’m sure you’ve also noticed I change my Gravatar image quite often as well. It’s the same on Facebook. I’ve had people complain to me about it. Boo-hoo. Same goes with my hair color. I’ve dyed it more times than not. Right now I’m on a blonde kick that I think I love, but who knows next month I could be back to brown or auburn. I hope not for my hair’s sake!

If you give me too many options whether it be with men, clothes, colors, foods…it’s all the same. I either pick something or someone I like at the time then don’t want it/him anymore and choose something/someone else or I leave empty handed.

One word. In-de-cis-ive. That’s me. I know this is a useless trait. It’ll just cause irritation for myself and the people in my life. My dear friends have learned it’s just a part of who I am. I don’t know if it stems from growing up with a mother who’s a perfectionist and I just don’t know what I like or what. Who the hell knows? Maybe I’ll find out when I graduate with my Psychology degree. I can only hope. I do know that I will not die if I get the wrong color or whatever. I’ll live. So I’m not that far gone. Just in case you’re wondering I do know how incredibly irritating this is. I don’t like getting behind a person in a check out like this either so for everyone else’s sake I am working on it!

But…what if it isn’t a completely useless trait? What if it prevented me and others from making a few mistakes that occur due to too fast of decision making? Hmm…

On a lighter note, we finally got Scamper some “doggy steps” for my bed so she can easily get her plump (and aging) self up there without falling off and breaking something. I tell ya, thrift stores can be a blessing.

Just in case you’ve never seen this handy invention.

Okay, I’m done with my randomly odd post.

Good morning, bloggers! It’s Hump Day!



2 thoughts on “Make up your mind already! Or don’t?

  1. I am also one of “those” people. I find I can get my need to browse out by “virtual shopping.” I have an obsessively curated Amazon wishlist I add or subtract from at least every few days. It’s often months before I actually purchase something.

    This accomplishes 2 things: I never make spur of the moment purchases I will regret, and I don’t go through this (annoying) process in public or with innocent bystanders present. I will also keep restaurant menus of my favorite places handy, so that I can start deliberating before I even leave — it helps!

    • Virtual shopping is the best. I am dangerous on Amazon too, but tend to make up my mind easier online. That’s a great idea about the restaurant menus! Thanks for the tip and for reading!

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