Unbroken lines of color

Awhile back, I purchased The Petite Handbook by Kim Williams Dahlman and read it that day. It was very handy! If you are petite, I suggest you buy it! I tried one of the tips in the book about unbroken lines of color. It worked great! It suggests that petite women should wear 3 pieces of clothing all the time. If I were up north, I would, but I can’t do that in the south unless it’s winter. Anyways! I am taking this tip (#4) straight from the book. It’s on pages 19-21.

“To create unbroken lines of color to the inside:

-match your top with a bottom in the same color or pattern.

– choose a jacket or layering piece in a contrasting color or pattern.”

Example: White skirt, white blouse, red jacket

“To create unbroken lines of color to the outside:

-match your jacket or layering piece with a bottom in the same color or pattern.

-choose a blouse or top in a contrasting color or pattern.”

Example: White shorts, black tank top, white vest (that’s what I tried and loved it!)

Another example…

It states that warm colors attract attention while cool colors minimize weight. No wonder I wear black a lot! In order to get your best fit you must know your petite figure shape. Here are the choices: pear, inverted pear, circular, rectangular, hourglass. This is all on pages 71-84. I am a rectangle so therefore I’ll wear “structured styles with built-in shape to create the illusion of a waistline” such as “bold colors, two-piece outfits, jackets with waist definition, peplums/blousons, wrap styles, sarong styles, gored skirts, pleated silhouettes, drawstring closures, shirtwaist dresses.” I do not like some of those and have no clue what a peplum is, but I will suck it up and try it! I once read in a magazine that you should try on clothes that you don’t normally try on. Why not? It could surprise you! It’s good to step out of your comfort zone once in awhile.

I do have a few curves, but I felt this was the closest to my shape!

There’s also a section in the book where you can test to see if you’re high-, short-waisted, or equally proportioned. I took the test and I am equally proportioned. What do ya know! There are tips for short- and high-waisted ladies. Sorry if you’re like me. No tips for us! But that’s okay.

***REMEMBER: if you’re 5’4 and UNDER you are in fact petite!



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