Music: The soundtrack to your life

There are a lot of things that happen in life and when those things happen, we often associate them with music. Or I do. Breakups, makeups, relationships (“this is our song”), funerals, weddings, celebrations. Music is present at all of those events believe it or not.

Music is able to define certain moments. Sometimes music is in our heads, other times it’s not. Like when a guy gets down on one knee to propose to the woman he loves he is probably playing the Jaws theme song in his head while the woman is hearing angels singing. Unless she doesn’t want to get married. Then it could produce silence up there followed by “oh crap!” Who knows. Anyways…

What I’m trying to say is that music can be the best part of a situation, but also the worst. When you’re in relationship and y’all have that one song that really applies to the relationship then when you break up you can never listen to it again. It brings back bad (and I’m sure a few good) memories, but unwanted the most. Or you listen to a certain band over and over again during a part of your life that may include a possibility of a significant other and he or she turns out to be the devil reincarnated and breaks your heart then once again you can’t listen to that band ever again. Or for at least a few months/years. That sort of happened to me this year and I’m hurt. Not because of the person involved, but because it kept me from listening and enjoying my favorite band. Why do we have to associate the GOOD songs with the BAD memories? I have lost a lot of good music due to this.

If it refers to weddings (unless you get divorced) or parties then you want to listen to the GOOD music that associates those together. Music impacts everyone’s lives. Some love it. Some hate it. Some make it their lives. There are tons of types of genres out there for every different kind of person. I prefer rock and some hip hop. I like to listen to bands that make me happy, inspired, strong, and determined. Like when I work out I try to listen to hard rock that gets me PUMPED up so that I will last longer in the gym or in front of my TV doing Hip Hop Abs. When I’m studying, I listen to a certain type of music that I enjoy and feel is relaxing, but not so relaxing that it puts me to sleep and not too likeable so that I am able to concentrate on what I’m studying instead of singing loudly while dancing around my room. Not productive activities!

Holidays are another great example. Christmas is the one that sticks out the most to me. I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC! It makes me feel excited, jolly, and ready to go buy people gifts. There’s just something about it that cheers up the room. Come to think of it, that holiday is really the only one I can think of that has so much music. It has it’s own soundtrack.

See what I mean? It’s everywhere. Technology has made it more possible to have it everywhere too. iPods and iPhones carry up to 40,000 songs and as you all know they’re very portable. They even invented the arm band so that you can safely carry one while you run and work out.

Music has the power to change our moods. If you’re sad or depressed, you have a plethora of genres to make you happy. That goes with almost every mood.  So next time you’re in a mood, try listening to your favorite music. I feel it helps me get through certain events sometimes. And it’s something you can do alone.

Happy Friday, bloggers!



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