Big things come in small packages

Last night around 12:30 or so I was watching late night television, trying to fall asleep, when a story about the youngest Olympic gymnast came on. Gabby Douglas, 16, is now on the Olympic gymnast team. At only 16 years old!!! Can you imagine what that must feel like? I’ve always been a fan of gymnastics. I even took it when I was about 6 years old and loved it. I grew up watching it on television and wondering how the hell those men and women could morph their bodies into a tornado of muscle. Running as fast as they can across the blue mat then somersaulting into the air…now that’s amazing.

Gabby has been working hard as a gymnast since she was 6 years old and won herself first place in the Olympic trials, securing herself a spot on the team. FIRST PLACE! They showed the team (who all were older than 16) and they all had tears streaming down their faces as they were introduced to the world. I don’t cry much from TV, but this ALMOST made me do it. If you know anything about gymnasts then you know they train long grueling hours every single day. They trade in their normal lives to be gymnasts. Most work out so much that they switch from public schools to tutors. That’s a commitment!

The team was seen on the cover of Sports Illustrated. These 5 girls are taking over and I love it!

When I was 16, I was not swinging across chalk covered bars or balancing on a beam. I was boy crazy and worrying about what outfit I’d wear the next day or what grade I made on that history test. It’s just inspiring to see a young, VERY talented girl work her butt off to not only get to the Olympics, but also win a gold medal. I wasn’t very interested in watching the Olympics, but now I will be. Gabby, also known as the flying squirrel, has such a spunky attitude and she’s so full of happiness. While watching the show last night, they interviewed her and the entire time she was smiling. Not a fake “oh my God, I’m on camera” smile, but a real mega-watt smile and had such a personality. Almost every photo I’ve seen of her, she’s smiling in. She’s won thousands of fans over already so I know she will make it far. Here she is on the cover of TIME magazine, which we all know is not an easy task to succeed at!

The way these men and women can make their bodies turn into torpedoes just fascinates me. I would be scared to death because I can be clumsy at times, but wow! They’re full of muscle. I always look at them and wonder…”what do they eat?” I know that’s probably a dumb question. I’m sure their diets consist of everything healthy, but if I trained that hard all the time I would want to treat myself to a pizza or big juicy cheeseburger. That’s the difference between me and them. I’m just going to say that if I had to go up against her, I’d be extremely intimidated!

Talented people like Gabby make me wish I had a few thousand dollars to travel to London to watch the Olympics, but I’ll settle for second best and watch them on TV.

One other awesome thing about Gabby is her coach. Liang Chow, who also coached Shawn Johnson, make the pair a force to be reckoned with.

It’s women like these that make life a little bit better. Their happiness and determination inspire people every day. Right now, there could be a little girl out there watching TV with her parents and seeing Gabby, she may dream of becoming a gymnast and see with dedication and hard work that it is possible to do.

It’s safe to say, last night I went to sleep in a great mood. Seeing kids doing things like this compared to drugs and jail, make me happy. Corny, I know.

It’s Thursday everyone! Only one more day till the weekend. 🙂



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