What’s the rush?

In the past few years, I’ve noticed a trend. Especially now. A lot of people are rushing to get married. I don’t understand why. I mean I know love is great and all, most of the time, but why hurry and get married? If you truly love someone, it won’t fade away over night.

High school girls (and sometimes boys) fall deeply in love and think it’s the man/woman of their dreams so they rush to the altar. I know this because I was one of them once. I am glad I didn’t fall too seriously in love though. Married at 21? Not my cup of tea. Sometimes I think about my first serious boyfriend back when I was 17 (almost 18). We were in “love” and everything. He was in college, I was a senior in high school. We’d drive back and forth almost every weekend to see each other since I lived in Texas and he in Louisiana. I thought he was the one, but it turns out when I took a step back and really looked at what we had, it wasn’t what I wanted for the rest of my life. We broke up on and off, but remained friends still to this day. Sometimes boyfriends or girlfriends, that you once loved, can turn out to be the worst person in the world, or in my case, a close friend. I hope most of you out there have experienced the latter.

No, seriously though. When you’re a young woman or man you should experience life (at least till after college) and meet people before you say “I do” to your junior high or high school sweetheart. There are billions of the people in the world. How do you know FOR SURE that that person is the “one”? I guess you can’t. You can only follow your heart.

I’m not dogging anyone who did happen to marry their high school or whatever sweetheart. If you’re still in love after 5 years and happy then kudos! Unfortunately, I don’t see it often. A perfect example is Miley Cyrus, 19, is engaged to her “longtime” boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Yes, they make a beautiful couple, but that’s soon. Miley, you just graduated high school! I also read an article that she is more than ready to start having kids. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but whoa. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around that (not that it’s my problem), but don’t you want to experience life a few more years until your strapped down to one guy and/or kids? I understand people back in the old days were marrying at 17 and 18, but they had reasons. Now it’s different. You don’t have to get married so fast because you have to start having children. Luckily with all of the technology out there today, women have kids in their 30s and 40s and it’s no big deal. I know the chances of success are slimmer the longer you wait, but just breathe. If it’s meant to be it will happen.

Are women and men getting married early these days because they are in love, out of wedlock, or because they want to hurry and have kids? All of the above, I’m sure. I’m not trying to talk any of you out of marriage! By all means, do it, but be prepared.

I seriously sound like a bitter, broken hearted cynic, but honestly, I’m not. I totally understand what love does to a person. It makes you do crazy things. Believe me, I’ve been there. I’m just glad to be free a few years before I settle down. There’s a reason they call it “settling down” when you get married. Think about that…

On to a slightly different and lighter subject, I watched an awful movie today. Some of you will probably think I’m crazy, but that’s okay.

Abduction (2011, PG-13). Absolutely horrid. I’m sad to say that it wasn’t worth more than the $1 something I paid for it at Redbox. Nathan, played by Taylor Lautner, is a high school aged boy who finds out….I won’t tell you because you may like it and who am I to ruin a horrible movie for you?! Anyways…it started off pretty strong and dwindled down from there. A lot of the actors and actresses (even the well-known ones) sounded as if they were reading from a script. It surprised me. Taylor was pretty good in the Twilight series. Or I should say he was better.

The other main characters, Lily Collins, Maria Bello, Sigourney Weaver, and Alfred Molina, weren’t great either.

I haven’t watched Lily in much of anything except The Blind Side, but the others have been acting for years and years! I figured with a pretty strong cast like this that the movie wouldn’t blow. But it did. There were action scenes and they were alright, but none that were terrific. There wasn’t anything bad in it like rape, sex, or anything along those lines thankfully, but it was just too predictable the entire time. I don’t like to watch a movie and know what’s about to happen. That takes the fun out of it. The worst part about it…the movie isn’t even about an abduction. Terrible. The only thing good about this movie was seeing Taylor’s hotness. And even then it almost didn’t make up for it.

I rate this 4 out of 10 stars. 4 rusty stars. Watch at your own risk!



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