A real crowd pleaser

I watched one of the best “feel good” movies ever yesterday…and today. Yes, I watched it twice. Wait, 3 times. That’s besides the point. Anyways…

Not only does it have amazing actors and actresses in it, but the story line is everything great rolled into 1 movie. There’s romance, heartache, love, happiness, adventure, gumption. Every time I watch it, it inspires me. No one dies, no one has racy (way too detailed) sex. No one does drugs and gets caught up in a gang war. No one makes you want to slit your wrists. It’s just great! It takes place in 2 beautiful areas and the landscape is just breathtaking. While I watched it, I sat there thinking, “this is a really good movie.” That doesn’t happen often. I usually get antsy and bored pretty fast.

The only thing that would make this movie better would be if you watched it around Christmas time.

Alright, alright…it’s…drum roll please…The Holiday. The 4 main characters are just perfect for the roles they play. I am a little biased because the actresses are some of my favorites, but I promise it’s amazing. Cameron Diaz, Jude Law (yummy!), Kate Winslet, Jack Black; they truly bring the story to life. I’m sure almost everyone reading this has already seen it and is wondering “it wasn’t avatar” or whatever other blockbuster has hit since 2007, but I have different tastes than some people. I don’t like a lot of the movies that take the #1 spot at the ticket office. Most are overrated, although I did love The Avengers.

I don’t want to say anything about this movie because I fear I will give away all the good stuff so this post will be short.

It’s great from start to finish. It doesn’t drag out any scenes which is a relief. I will say this movie is good for almost any occasion. Date night. Girls night. Alone night. Family night. That’s what makes it even better. I rate this movie 10 out of 10 stars! Gold ones.

I am glad I bought it because I will be wearing it out in the future!

This movie has a little somethin’ for everyone! A romantic comedy without all of the totally mushy romance. It’s a win-win!

Hope everyone out there has a good night!



5 thoughts on “A real crowd pleaser

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  2. You just watched it! When I saw Jack Black and holiday in one sentence I definitely jumped at it.

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