Blinkers?! I have those?!

I have MANY pet peeves. #3 on my list would be when drivers don’t use their blinkers!

Isn’t that one of the worst things ever?! It gets me so worked up. Not to mention it’s dangerous. I mean, the designers of all of the vehicles out there did, in fact, add them to vehicles for a reason. I guess people forget that. You’re going down the road or interstate or highway and of course not going slow then out of the blue the asshole in front of you changes lanes or slams on their brakes without more than a 5 second warning and turns. I know it’s hard to resist when you forget where you’re going, but there are a lot of drivers out there that do it out of pure laziness. You know how I know? Because they’ll be the ones who are driving under the speed limit and have miles to let the person driving behind them know, but they decide not to.

I looked up the stats on how many accidents this causes a year and it blew my mind. Well, not really because I see it all the time. Distracted driving causes around 950,000 wrecks a year while “turn signal neglect” causes around 2,000,000! That’s absurd! All of those could be stopped if everyone just used their damn blinkers and not while you’re turning, but BEFORE you do it. Not only could blinkers stop one vehicle from hitting another, but also multiple vehicle accidents.

I know blinkers can have annoying dinging noises, but just by sucking it up and listening to them you could save your life and the car behind you.

I hate that I get so worked up over this. I feel, when I’m in the passenger’s seat and the driver beside me has to slam on their breaks or swerve to miss the jackass in front of us, that one of my veins might explode. We both start yelling or sometimes if we’re feeling super macho we’ll even slip them the finger. I don’t do that often, but it make me feel better even if the driver can’t see it. You wonder if the driver who doesn’t use their blinker even knows if their vehicle has one. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are people in this world who are that naive.

I even go the extra mile to turn and try to see who was in the vehicle when this happens and you know what I’ve noticed. It’s mostly women and men over the age of 20 so you can rest assured that us “young people” aren’t the ones wreaking havoc on the pavement. And it isn’t only women who suck at driving sometimes.

I won’t even get started on senior citizens.

So next time you’re driving make sure you use about .5% of your energy to move your hand to the left and switch that blinker stick up or down. You’ll make drivers around you happy. I promise. And you’ll save yourself a wrecked car and all of that drama. Oh and you’ll possibly save lives. Crazy, huh?



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