Women: A tornado of emotions

Being a woman is not an easy task, but it is the one that is given to us so; therefore, we must deal with it.

Women have so many thoughts and emotions that run through our bodies on a daily basis. Yes, every gender has thoughts and emotions, but for us women it seems ours are so much more intense. Even when we are not pms-ing we can switch from hot to cold, mean to nice, eager to depressed in a matter of minutes.

I’ve been doing this a lot lately. I can’t seem to figure out if it’s stress or what. Aunt Flow is not in town and my stress levels aren’t exactly through the roof like thay have been in the past. So why do we do this? Not every woman is crazy like me and if they are experiencing this then they could be in the menopause stage of their life, but clearly being only 21, I’m NOT!

I wake up, feeling semi-chipper, then out of nowhere (5 minutes later) I want to either a) pretend I am deaf and ignore everything for fear of wrecking everyone’s better mood around me OR b) walk outside and scream like never before. Why is this? Women do have tendencies to be bitchy and simply outrageous, but why out of nowhere? Do our emotions control us?

I hope not.

For the men reading this post, I apologize. I am sure you do not want to hear another woman bitching about herself in whatever fashion it may be, but it’s inevitable.

But still, I am sorry…

We need to chill out. I have decided to try a few techniques that one of my therapists told me about awhile back (before I left because I thought she was crazier than I was and was the one who needed “therapy”). She gave me a few tips on how to control intense emotions like anxiety and stress through exercises. One of which was to train yourself to breathe better. Find something you see everyday like a landmark on your way to work and every time you see it take 4 deep breaths. It’s amazing what breathing can do for you. Now don’t do this so often that you feel you may pass out. That’s not the goal here. Another technique she told me about was the brown paper bag. You know the one you see people use in movies when they are hyperventilating and breathe into the bag. That does, in fact, work. I never went buy any small brown paper bags, but they should be on your next grocery list just in case. These 2 simple exercises can prevent you from having panic attacks and can help your stress levels stay moderately low throughout your day, depending on how many times you do them. So BREATHE and let things go!

We can’t control everything, clearly, (I mean look at how our emotions change with the drop of a hat) but we must try to accept that and enjoy what comes our way. I know, that’s impossible at times, but it’s what we can do to help ourselves cope and move on a little bit easier.

My major is Psychology just in case you were wondering why I’m blabbering on about therapy and coping and all of that. Now you know.




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