The crazy, book lady

When you move to a big city, you can’t help but notice all of the perks. One of the biggest perks to me, (I like to get more bang for my buck-I’m a bargain hunter) is thrift shops. I absolutely love them! When people think of thrift stores, they (most likely) automatically think Goodwill or Salvation Army. NO! I do not enjoy paying $6 for a pair of pants that someone else wore. That’s not what kind of stores I’m referring to. The ones I like are the stores that either look like a) it is so full of junk that it may explode or b) an old shack with random items in front of it. Those are the ones where you find the best stuff. We have a couple by our house and they are pretty darn fun. Some don’t hold any treasures you would like, but that’s the fun part. Every time you walk into one you see what mysteries you’ll unravel today since they have more stuff every day! The one closest to our house is a Christian thrift store that helps rehabilitate drug addicts and other lawbreakers (which can make you slightly nervous at first) and is connected with a local church. Well, this isn’t fun when you walk in and see creepy guys staring at you or being blessed with hearing extremely annoying gospel music, BUT they have a lot of junk! Sometimes it’s junk you don’t want, but you learn to work around that.

The other day was probably the most excited I had been in awhile. My dad and I went to the book section of the store and ravaged the entire place. We found 13 (I think) books by some of our favorite authors all for only $7. I have been trying to collect the Twilight series, but hadn’t been wanting to pay around $15 per book and to my delight I found the first 3 in the series for $3! I was amazed! Since I had already read them (and loved them- too bad the movies weren’t as great…) I wasn’t in a hurry, but this was awesome. Next up, to my surprise, I found the next 2 books in another series I had started reading years ago and never finished because I hadn’t wanted to pay for the books. Untamed and Hunted in the House of Night series. The next 2 I needed!!! Do you know how exciting that is? Or maybe I’m just book crazy. A book-a-holic. A crazy, book lady.

Those were around $2 when they normally run for about $10 each. SCORE!

Anyways…next, I found a book by my all-time favorite writer of my all-time favorite television show Sex and the City Candace Bushnell! I noticed we share the first name (although I spell it differently) and initials. Anyways…it’s called Trading Up. I read her other book about the young Carrie Bradshaw and loved it so I hope I love this one too.

I was on a roll…next I found a book by one of the other authors I love. The Midnight Club by Christopher Pike. When I was younger, I would read mountains of R. L. Stine books and his are pretty similar. I’m actually reading a Chris Pike book right now called Until the End. It’s great so far! I found a couple more books that seemed to be right up my alley called Bet me by Jennifer Crusie and The Hot Flash Club by Nancy Thayer. I am a huge fan of girl books. You know the ones.

Another one down the road is an antique shop. Those are my favorite! You might as well expect to be in there for a couple of hours because of all of the unique things inside. I once found a Louis Vuitton vintage purse for only $15. I almost had a heart attack and would’ve bought it, but I just couldn’t. I went back the other day and it was gone, of course. *tears*

OH MY GOSH! I am a big fan of vintage things so it’s basically like heaven for me. My next item on my “to-buy” list is a vintage sewing machine. I found one, but it wasn’t unique enough for me. I’ve been checking out eBay for those. Shh…don’t tell…

Back to thrift stores. If you don’t like to read or buy purses, there are so many other things you can find just by taking a few minutes and digging around. I have found pots and pans, craft supplies, clothes (not many), and so much more. Plus, it’s just fun. You won’t believe how much money you can save.

If you’re against using used items, that’s okay too, but you should check one out.

You have to enjoy the little things in life or it won’t be worth your while, ya know? So next time you’re out and about and run across a crazy looking thrift shop, don’t be afraid. Walk in and I’m sure you’ll be awed at what it holds. Don’t judge a book by its cover, right? Remember that because sometimes they can look like an abandoned shack.



2 thoughts on “The crazy, book lady

  1. Sounds like you had a great time – well done on scoring all of those books!

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