Age is just a number. Isn’t it?

I have realized when I look around at people whether it be while I’m shopping or in magazines that they look either much older than they really are or much younger than they really are. So I did a little research on a few celebrities and was amazed how old some are when they look half their age and how young some are. Why do we rush to grow up then when we are grown we realize we really don’t want to be grown and try to reverse it? Human beings will never be happy. Or it proves that all of the anti-aging products out there actually work. Really well.

One of the things in life that bothers me is when I see a young kid dressing like she’s in her twenties. You should be enjoying your mostly care-free life while you can because once you become an adult it isn’t a walk in the park most days. Then on the other side of that spectrum you see older women dressing like their teenage children. I’m sorry, but tight shirts that show your cleavage down to your bellybutton and EXTRA skinny jeans won’t make you look much younger. It’s usually the attractive older women who do that too. What a shame. But hey, if it makes you happy…not much can be said about it.

I’m going to share with you some ages of celebrities that made me gasp. No lie. It’s amazing what hard work can do and…well…lots of money. These aren’t in order. I just randomly picked out celebrities that I thought looked incredible for their age. I’m sure I’m leaving a few out.

1. Sheryl Crow (50)

2. Christie Brinkley (58)

3. Paula Patton (36)

4. Iman(56)

5. Eva Longoria (37)

6. Halle Berry (45)

7. Jennifer Aniston (43)

8. Amanda Michalka (21)

9. Nina Dobrev(23)

10. Katie Holmes (33)

11. Rooney Mara(27)

12. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (26)

13. Miley Cyrus (19)

Kudos to ALL of these women. They all look incredible and work their booties off to look as young as they do. I can’t imagine the countless hours they’ve spent with personal trainers working out and then not getting to enjoy a big juicy cheeseburger after, but instead going home and eating a salad without the good stuff on it. I am not envious of that part, but as for their bodies…yes, yes I am. As for the youngest celebs, they should enjoy their tween and early twenties instead of rushing to grow up. But hey, what do I know, right?

Let’s see what else I can come up with next…



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