Preventing the dreaded…villains.

Even though I’m 21, I still get pimples every now and then, which sucks, but the good thing is throughout the years of acne and puberty, you find facial cleansers that actually work. So today I will be “reviewing” what face products I use to keep away wrinkles and mostly…pimples!


Two rules you MUST follow (so I’ve learned) are:


  1. Wash your face daily. Dirt and grime build-up causes pimples.
  2. Wear a moisturizer every single day. The sun can damage it many ways and no one wants dry, flaky skin.

So true!


I have bought countless facial cleansers in my years and am here to tell you…patience goes a long way. Not all products work instantly and expensive isn’t always better. I use a couple of facial cleansers. 1 for anti-aging (but is mostly just a cleanser), 1 for acne, and 1 for minimizing pores. Keep in mind that I am no expert on skin by any means, I am just sharing with you what I have learned. The reason I have 3 bottles of facial cleanser in my bathroom would be because I simply bought more than my face could use and didn’t want to throw them away.

My advice would be to use one for the main cleansing. I use CeraVe foam cleanser for that and love it. It has cleared up my skin and I have been told it is secretly great for anti-aging. When I feel like being spontaneous (which isn’t very much when it comes to my face) I will switch one night and use my Clean & Clear Continuous Control acne cleanser OR Olay Pore Minimizing cleanser/scrub.

My face washes with my dog being curious in the background.

To get rid of huge and ugly pimples that pop up out of nowhere when you least expect them (gotta love ’em), I use Clean & Clear Advantage spot treatment. This stuff works! I actually just put some on. One of the only downfalls to it would be it CAN (not always) dry out your skin. Since I live in Louisiana and it’s usually humid year round I don’t run into that problem often, but people who live in actual NICE climates…you’ve been warned! All you do is dab a spot of the clear gel onto the pimple and let it cook. That sounds painful (it can slightly burn, but that means it’s getting rid of it so I suffer through it), but it clears up even the biggest eyesores in just a day or 2. I use it twice a day when I have a big one.

All hail the pimple zapper!

For my facial moisturizer, I also use Clean & Clear. I use the Dual Action oil-free moisturizer. I love it and while it’s moisturizing it also helps prevent pimples so it works well with the pimple zapper I mentioned above. I also put this on twice a day. That’s how all moisturizers should be applied. Morning and evening onto clean skin. I don’t wash my face twice daily since I take my showers later at night. It would be better to cleanse the face twice daily though, I am just too lazy.

Dual action is the best

To remove makeup, all of the above cleansers work, but some take more than others. Before I shower, I wipe off as much makeup as I can using my (drum roll please) Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Wipes. They don’t dissolve the makeup, but they do work. There are a couple things I don’t like about them- they leave your face really oily and because the wipes aren’t “angel” soft they kind of rub your face raw. The package says oil-free, but unfortunately that’s not true. Some other makeup removers that work are the liquid you can buy at Wal-mart in a bottle and apply using a cotton ball (I have some from Target and it works for removing eye makeup). The makeup wipes I will be trying next are the ones by Olay. I do indeed love Olay and Clean & Clear plus they are both very reasonably priced. CeraVe products are a little more expensive, but they give you more for what you pay for. I will be trying their a.m. and p.m. moisturizer when I run out of this one. I heard it works great too!


It has been said that it is never too early to start anti-aging products, but I beg to differ. Anti-aging products (the strong ones) are meant for skin that has actual wrinkles and can damage young wrinkle-free skin. I advise you to wait till you actually start getting wrinkles before you use the strong EXPENSIVE anti-aging products. Stick with the ones that prevent wrinkles.

So remember: wash your face daily and MOISTURIZE! These simple steps will save your face from later damage. Oh and I almost forgot…I have pretty sensitive skin and none of the above mentioned products have made me breakout in any way. I don’t know if that helps, but I hope it does.

I hope these tips help you love the skin you’re in and any other slogans that come to mind. Because we’re worth it too! Ha ha :p



2 thoughts on “Preventing the dreaded…villains.

  1. Great post, thanks for sharing!
    Naomi x

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