DIY Shorts: To “dye” for!

While wasting my life away on Pinterest the other day, I ran across an easy DIY project. I usually search for DIY projects and pin tons that I’ll never do, but I decided to do this one! This really got me excited because I’ve been looking for something to do to a pair of boring and old shorts I have stuffed in my dresser. This is also a cheap way to make your own and especially handy when it’s a 100 degrees outside like it is today. So here goes…

Step 1: Cut jeans into shorts at desired length or use shorts you already have.


Step 2: Grab a few rubber bands and wrap parts of the shorts in bunches around the inside and outer edges. I wrapped the front and back separately. Make sure the rubber-bands are T-I-G-H-T!



Step 3: Then bunch the whole thing into a ball with a couple bigger rubber bands.

Sorry about the flash!

Step 4: Add the bundle into a 1 part bleach/1 part water combination in a bucket or tub. You may need to weigh them down with something so they stay submerged. I put 15 or 20 cups of water to 8 cups of bleach. And then set my bottle of bleach on top to weigh them down. I actually added in more bleach so I guess it’s 9 cups approx.

I did this outside so the smell wouldn’t kill me and I’m accident prone so doing it inside would be screaming for a disaster!


Step 5: Let them soak for 10-20 minutes checking periodically or until they have reached your desired color. I was nervous about turning them completely white so I kept them in for 20 minutes since mine were a dark wash.

Before washing

Yes, I do know there is a circle on the butt…

Step 6: Wring them out then rinse completely. Wallah!

Here is the finished product along with a few ideas on how to rock them:

Finished product. I am rather pleased!

This DIY project only ended up costing me $2. Nothing beats that. I hope your attempt comes out just as well.



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