Facebook- the black hole of our technological universe

Every morning when I wake up I check my e-mail and my Facebook page. What new comments might I have on that picture I posted or who is now in a relationship? Questions like these arouse when I sign in and my home page pops up.  It used to be exciting, but as usual I have the bare minimum of comments and the relationship statuses haven’t changed.

I have began to see that I could actually live WITHOUT Facebook. Shocking, huh? The main reason I have one is to keep up with family and stay in touch with friends I can’t chat with everyday. So here’s my experiment that I will start today after I finish writing this blog: I am going to stay completely off of Facebook for an entire week and then if I don’t have withdrawals so bad I want to rip my hair out then I am going to delete it. I am going to enjoy this facation (face vacation haha).

Lately, people have seemed to be very sensitive on certain subjects and taking things WAY too seriously. A simple status that won’t be directed at any one person can set off a rage of comments like a wildfire in the hills of Colorado.  Some people are so paranoid that they think everything is about them. It’s absurd how people will jump right on and begin showing their true colors right there on Facebook for the world to see and usually over something that doesn’t deserve their time. I try not to let status comments rule my life and I definitely won’t spill my heart out for everyone to read. Maybe these people want attention…maybe they just need to vent. Whatever the reason for this madness is, it needs to be contained. Or at least I think so. The easiest way to NOT have drama on the internet is to not participate which has been sounding WAY too good to me lately.

Don’t even get me started on when you post a photo of yourself. People will jump on that and say whatever they want. I mean sure, it’s a free country, but whoa! Try and hold back on the “opinions”….only if they’re mean. Everyone could always use a compliment.

Life is full of stress and turmoil. It doesn’t need anymore from a social website. I’m not putting Facebook down at all, but I do think it has taken over people’s lives especially the age group of 15-22 year-olds. This is not an actual fact I just threw some numbers out there that seemed about right. If you’re in that category and don’t get on Facebook then kudos!

Facebook is like a black hole. Once a photo, status, comment, anything goes in…it does not come out. This black hole sits at the center of this technological universe sucking in information and people that get too close. Facebook is also a breeding ground for ways to bully and insult people and a dangerous way to stalk people. It makes it easier. Why not just go on someone’s page and insult them instead of doing it face to face? That’s much less cowardly. We “check-in” at places and that tells everyone who can see our page where we are specifically. I used to do it a lot because I thought it was cool, but the truth is that’s basically screaming “come get me!” to any perverts or kidnappers keeping close tabs on young women and men. Anyways…I wasn’t planning on making this post deep…

Writing about this topic is actually risky in itself when I think about it, but I just couldn’t help it. I will probably get criticized for writing this, but it’s okay. Some of the best writers caused a stir throughout time, right? That’s life. Feel free to join me on this facation! It will start today June 26 and end July 3.

Until next time…I have a craft to try or something…



2 thoughts on “Facebook- the black hole of our technological universe

  1. In my early facebook days, I must have deactivated my account at least 10 times because I kept getting sucked into that black hole. I can go for months without uploading a pic or updating my status now. After a while, you realize how superficial it all is. Have fun on your “facation”! You can do it!

    • I have deactivated mine a few times too! Thank you!! Before I checked my e-mail I hadn’t thought about getting on so that’s a good sign 🙂

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