A different kind of skin

The world is divided into two kinds of people:  those who have tattoos, and those who are afraid of people with tattoos.”

I don’t know what made this post come to me, but I am just going with it…and I wanted to show off some of the beautiful people I know.

Everywhere you look these days, you see so many different skin types. I’m not talking about oily, normal, sensitive or dry. I’m talking about skin with ink and without ink. Come to think of it, I actually don’t know many people without tattoos. I have 3 and most of my friends have at least 1.

Now who would torture themselves by letting (sometimes rather eccentric) artists draw on them with a loud, buzzing needle on sensitive parts of their body for hours? Crazy people apparently. Nah, just kidding. All sorts of people. Normal people like myself or the infamous celebrities out there. If I had millions of dollars like most of them do I would be covered in tattoos.

Tattoos are such a fascinating art. Sometimes they scream at you and sometimes they peak at you like when you see a very professional and neat person (think of the lawyer or doctor type) then BAM! they have an ankle or wrist tattoo. I believe tattoos tell you what kind of person you are by what you get. Tattoos are permanent (unless you have thousands of dollars to get them removed) and can range from very tacky to very beautiful. I am about to show you what some of my friends have clenched their teeth over. They’re badass. If you have a low pain tolerance, I strongly advise you to turn your eyes away or hold on tight.

Here’s my cousin Nazla with her awesomeness.

Her tattoos scream at you for sure and I love them. Every time I look at them it makes me want to go get more.I wanted to post photos of all of her tattoos, but they would’ve taken up a lot of this blog. 😉

Here’s Anna with her awesomeness.

I know she will be getting more in the future. I am curious to see what she gets next. Who knew squids could look so artistic? Awesome right? Right!

Here’s Sammi with her awesomeness.

The first tattoo is in Hebrew meaning “king of Jews” and the second tattoo is a New Zealand maori symbol that represents the life between people in friendships, families, and so on. Her and a best friend of hers (who’s coming up next) got one together.

Here’s Cade’s awesomeness.

The maori symbol is said to be similar to an infinity symbol except is has an extra loop to represent times in life when you’re separated from what you love, but you find your way back like an endless circle. I do like circles…unless it involves algebra. Then I despise it. Anyways…

Here’s Lynae’s awesomeness.

I absolutely love her sleeve. If you can’t see in the first picture, it has an owl at the top which is her favorite. I snuck through her Facebook photos looking for any picture with that tattoo in it. OH! and before I moved, she was my hairdresser! She’s the best. Hands down.

Here’s my dad’s awesomeness.

I had to hold my dad down after wrestling him to take this picture. This reiki symbol represents healing with hands.

Here’s my awesomeness.

Ignore how short and stubby my legs/ankles/feet look. Terrible, but what can I do except blame my parents. I am a munchkin.

This is my favorite tattoo. I got this when I was 18 (along with my other 2). I designed it myself (shocking huh?!). It was definitely worth the money and hours I spent holding my leg steady while it tinkled and twitched for about 4 hours at the tattoo shop. The next couple days I wasn’t able to fit my foot in my tennis shoe. My boss got pretty mad at me when I had to take off work for that. Here’s some advice- don’t do what I did! Make sure you do it when you have a few days off.

People blessed with a high pain tolerance love torturing themselves with tattoos and piercings. I am guilty of both of those things and no I won’t be posting a blog about piercings…yet. Muahaha!

Tattoos don’t have to have a specific meaning. The number one thing I’ve gotten asked since I got this tattoo was “what does it mean?” It doesn’t mean anything, but I love flowers and the #3 (there’s 3 flowers- the other one is purple and on the inside of my ankle). It represents me. That’s all that matters.

Until next time…



2 thoughts on “A different kind of skin

  1. I love ur blogs!! And i think my fav tat on this page was ur dad’s, awesomeness!!!

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