Delightful Curves

I just want to start off by saying that as I become more aware of the curvy women in the media I realize we are making progress! I’m seeing more women with meat on their bones compared to stick thin model types. This brings a smile to my face. What also brings a smile to my face is that these women look much more happy. I guess when you aren’t constantly counting carbohydrates or slaving away 6+ hours in a gym with a personal trainer it would make you smile more. Or that’s how I see it…

After noticing this, I did a small survey the other day on what body types men prefer in women for the hell of it. Only 7 guys were brave enough to answer even though I told them no names would be used. I guess holding a pitchfork in one hand while cornering them didn’t help any. Joking! It wasn’t a huge success like I’d hoped for, but beggars can’t be choosers. The little bit of answers I did receive gave me a short but definite awareness. Curious yet? Drum roll, please. Here are the results (remember- this was a spur of the moment research project and only involved a few guys between the ages of 21-58):

  • Curvy and athletic- 3
  • Skinny and athletic- 2
  • Athletic-0
  • More to love-0
  • Doesn’t matter when I’m in love-1
  • Doesn’t care as long as she’s got tits (I know this option could’ve been labeled
  • different but it’s a direct answer so I figured what the hell right?)-1

These preferences were somewhat obvious in our society today and hopeful in a way. Most men out there like women with meat on their bones (which is good news for those of us with curves). Well muscly meat. I’m not even sure that’s a word, but just go with it. Just wanted to clear that up if anyone had any misconstrued opinions about it all. My 7-ish men were fantastic lab rats. Kudos. Also…I apologize if my last blog offended any women out there who read it that were blessed with naturally having less than 15% body fat. I do envy you and know you’re just born that way. That sounded like part of a Lady Gaga song…err…anyways…I’m also sad to announce that my partner Lauren won’t be joining us for anymore blogs. She’s tied up in summer college classes and saving the world. What an overachiever right? Nah, but really I’m disappointed you won’t get to hear her opinions on hot topics. Guess you’re all mine now. Muahaha! *grins mischievously while rubbing hands together*

On a more serious note, what it really all boils down to is how comfortable you are in your own skin and with your body. What matters even more so than that is that you’re healthy. Also, not every blog I post will be about weight issues. Promise!



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